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    Jun 12, 2017
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    What is your Minecraft name?

    What is your real name?
    (Dylan Schultz)

    What is your real Discord name (NOT DISCORD NICKNAME)?

    How long have you played Minecraft?
    (5 Years)

    How long have you played on AquaRaider?
    (I Have Been Playing On Aqua Raider Since The Start Of The Server)

    Approximately how many hours can you contribute per day?
    (I Can Contribute On A Daily Average, 5-10 Hours A Day)

    Have you made a purchase from our store? If so what?
    (Yes, I Have Purchased At Least 5 Different Exotic Keys and Also A Rank And Fly For A Friends Account)

    What is some background information about your self?
    (My Name Is Dylan Schultz, I Was Born In North Carolina And I Lived There For The First 10 Years Of My Life. Five Years Ago I Moved To New Jersey And Started Playing MC. After Quitting CosmicPVP I Was Server-less I Searched For Days On End Until I Found MXRcraft. There I Found A Friend, Mentor, And The Man That Would Introduce Me To This Server, Red. He Let Claire And I Join The Server Early And From That Day On I Was A Member Of The AquaRaider Community And Im So Glad To Be!)

    What makes you different than other applicants?
    (I Believe That I Am Different From Other Applicants Because I Have Been Staff On Multiple Servers Including Aqua Raider. I Also Have A High Tolerance When It Comes To Arguments, I Know How To Drop The Conversation And Cool Off Before Things Get Out Of Hand. A Task That Many Staff Members and Other Players Do Not Have. Lastly, I Think That My Time Played And Time To Come Will Be A Valuable Asset To The Server As To Players That Are Unable To Get On And Play Everyday.)

    What is your previous experience as staff?
    (I Was A Staff Member On MXR Craft For 4 Months, Acquiring The Moderator Position, I Was Also Staff On AquaRaider, I There Was Demoted Due To My Immaturity And Consistent Fighting With Jim.)

    What is your primary motivation for applying?
    (My Main Motivation For Applying Is To Provide Help To The Community And To Be A Role Model To All Players, My Other Motivation Is To Be Back On The Team and Just Have Fun.)

    What is your biggest strength?
    (My Main Strength Is To Tolerate Attitudes, Ignorance, and Comments. I Will Be Able To Resist Fighting Back Or Bickering With Any Other Players Who Do So To Me. Lastly I Will Be Able To Stop Hackers, From Coming Onto The Server And Ruining It. I Will Be Able To Identify The Hacking, Record It And Get Rid Of The Hacker As To Seen Fit, (Ban, Kick, Etc)

    What is your biggest weakness?
    (My Biggest Weakness Is My Ability To ScreenShare. I Am Not The Best At Identifying False Files and Fake Folders. I Shall Work On This Ability Through Watching Youtube VIdeos, Practicing With Friends, Etc. As This Is A Minor Problem It Is A Major Setback, I Hope You Can See Past This And See The Good As The Problem Will Be Worked On.)

    Why out of all applicants should we pick you?
    (Out Of All Other Applicants, I Believe I Should Be Picked Because My Experience, Tolerance, and Playing Time. With My Playing Time, I Will Be Able To Assist Anyone And Help The Server At All Times Of The Day. With My Experience, I Know The Type Of People To Expect, I Will Be Able To Know What To Do In Situations That Other, non-experienced Players Might Not. Lastly, With My Tolerance I Will Be Able To Withstand The Attitudes, Arrogance, And Names That Will Be Throw My Way.)

    Can you record? If so how?
    (Yes, Bandicam, and InstaScreenCast)

    What would you use to screen share to look for hacks?
    (Yes, I Could Use The Programs, Join.ME, and Skype.)

    What other information should we know?
    (I Have Been Playing Minecraft For 5 Years.
    I Have Been Playing On Aqua Since The Release Of The Server.
    I Have Been Staff On 2 Diffrent Servers.
    I Have Been Playing Factions For A Total Of 4 Years.)

    Do you understand that asking anyone to like, comment or view this staff application will result in an instant denial?
    (Yes, 100% Absolutly)

    Lastly, Thankyou So Much For Taking The Time To Read This As It Took Me 3 Hours To Type!
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    Sextinq for other information it should not be the same information as above

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