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    What is your Minecraft name?

    What is your real name?

    What is your real Discord name (NOT DISCORD NICKNAME)?

    How long have you played Minecraft?
    4&1/2 years

    How long have you played on AquaRaider?
    Almost a year

    Approximately how many hours can you contribute per day?
    1-9 Hours A Day

    Have you made a purchase from our store? If so what?
    Not yet but I'm going to buy the Elite rank once I purchase some PayPal cards.

    What is some background information about your self?
    I'm 15 turning 16 soon from a small town called Hector Minnesota. I play multiple sports including football, baseball, and basketball. I love to play minecraft and my PS4 when I have freetime and I enjoy the outdoors. I get good grades and I'm normally and honor role student. My favort activity to do outdoors is to go fishing, I love sitting on the water and enjoying myself. I have a lot more time now to play videogames and stuff because its summer and I have no sports right now other than baseball which is every Tuesday. When I play videogames I go hard and never stop grinding.

    What makes you different than other applicants?
    I have lots of experience being staff and I've been playing Minecraft for a very long time. I also record almost anything so I could catch hackers easily. Another reason is that I have lots of freetime to play videogames now because its summer. I'm also good at coding and running plugins. I ran my own server for 2 years and it normally got 15-30 people a day. I also respect everyone the same even if they are hacking I'd respectfully ban them.

    What is your previous experience as staff?
    I used to run my own factions server called GodlyMC which ran for 2 years and averaged 15-30 people a day like I said before. I also was mod on a factions server RaidHeaven, an Admin on a factions server MXRCRAFT, and a mod on XENOPVP. I've also ran lots of other servers with friends that never lasted because the staff wasn't active.

    What is your primary motivation for applying?
    I've been playing this server for a year but I've been inactive during the school year.

    What is your biggest strength?
    I believe my biggest strength is my kindness and my knowledge about Minecraft and running servers. I respect everyone and I treat everyone equally while also knowing how to control plugins, make custom plugins, I have over 1,000 plugins downloaded and ready for use with most of them being premium plugins.

    What is your biggest weakness?
    My biggest weakness is building. I can build unraidable bases but I can't build and/or design a base without it looking horrible. If I had a blueprint I could build it but If I freehand it will be trash.

    Why out of all applicants should we pick you?
    Like I said before I believe I should be picked because of my knowledge of Minecraft, my ability to record and screenshare, my experience of being staff and my ability to spend time on the server and go hard. I also have the ability to help contribute to the monthly bill for the server. I work on weekdays until 5 but then I normally play all night or for atleast 5-6 hours. On weekends 5-10.

    Can you record? If so how?
    I can record with Fraps on my PC and I also sometimes stream on my Youtube channel C3Gaming25. I have no content right now because I'm currently redoing my channel but I will start uploading again this summer.

    What would you use to screen share to look for hacks?
    I could use or skype to screen share.

    What other information should we know?
    I'm looking forward to grinding hard again this summer and I will most likely donate this summer because I'll play this server a lot....

    Do you understand that asking anyone to like, comment or view this staff application will result in an instant denial?
    Yes, I understand.
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