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    What is your Minecraft name?

    What is your real name?
    Isaac Burnett.

    What is your real Discord name (NOT DISCORD NICKNAME)?

    How long have you played Minecraft?
    5 years.

    How long have you played on AquaRaider?
    for 3 days but probably 30 hours or play time.

    Approximately how many hours can you contribute per day?
    10-15 Hours per day

    Have you made a purchase from our store? If so what?
    No. I plan to soon when i get my pay check.

    What is some background information about your self?
    I'm born and raised in Arizona, moved 4 different times though. When i was about 11 i started playing minecraft and i loved it, but i'm in track and field and i'm a thrower. with needing to train for throwing because i was going to state a stopped playing for a while, i lost my admin on a server with about average of 100 people. i got bummed so i stopped playing minecraft for about 6 months. during that time i was just playing sports and worrying about stuff in my life. after a while my want to play minecraft overcame me and i started playing again about a year ago. i'm 16, 6' 3", male and love to play minecraft.

    What makes you different than other applicants?
    I play average of about 14 hours a day. i don't easily get triggered. i'm a very nice person and easy to talk to.

    What is your previous experience as staff?
    I've been helper/mod on a few servers that just went bankrupt. but my main experience was being Admin of a server called Leaf MC. i played on there for about a year and a half but ended up losing staff because of IRL issues

    What is your primary motivation for applying?
    Love the server, I do see a few flaws that i hope i could fix. i hate hackers very much and i have no tolerance for them. I've been playing several times with no staff on and their are hackers. just want to help.
    What is your biggest strength?
    I can play a lot. i don't abuse, i see no point in it. and i never get super angry.

    What is your biggest weakness?
    I don't know the commands that well. and i don't have a recording software on my computer i just use my phone

    Why out of all applicants should we pick you?
    I play a lot, friendly, helpful, I've already gotten like 25 new people on this server. I love building stuff or doing fun events.
    Can you record? If so how?
    I use my phone, I've tried to get a recording software on my computer but i didn't know how to work it
    What would you use to screen share to look for hacks?
    Skype. if you know anything better id love to know

    What other information should we know?
    I have so much respect for the staff and i just love this server so much, and i really want to help.
    Do you understand that asking anyone to like, comment or view this staff application will result in an instant denial?
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    You forgot the last question

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