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    What is your Minecraft name?

    What is your real name?
    Mika (My-Ka)

    What is your real Discord name (NOT DISCORD NICKNAME)?

    How long have you played Minecraft?
    4-5 years

    How long have you played on AquaRaider?
    A few months, I used to be a staff but then some drama went down and I left for a bit.

    Approximately how many hours can you contribute per day?
    Depends on homework and real work. during the week a hour or two and on weekends like 3-4 (minimum).

    Have you made a purchase from our store? If so what?
    No I haven't.

    What is some background information about your self?
    I am 18 years old From Vancouver Canada. I play sports such as foot ball and hockey at competitive levels and an honor role student. I used to play video games a lot but have moved more into weight lifting and sports. Since it is the off season and the summer I have a lot more time for video games and staff positions. i am very dedicated once I get involved with something and am excited to get back into staffing this server!

    What makes you different than other applicants?
    I have a very large back round with mine craft plugins, coding, being a staff member and most of all how to play factions. Many staff that apply are people who just joined and are just goofing around but I actually have the experience. I already know the punishments, don't need to be taught what to do in certain situations or what punishments need to be used. It may take a few days for the server to get to know who I am again and gain respect with the players but once that happens it will be smooth sailing.

    What is your previous experience as staff?
    Yes.I was a mod on here for a while and before that I was mod on 2 other factions servers that I left because of player drop or change in the type of game play.

    What is your primary motivation for applying?
    I recently started playing Mine craft again and came back to the server. Just applying because I enjoy playing and want to help the server again.

    What is your biggest strength?
    My biggest strength is my knowledge of how mine craft works. That includes commands, plug-ins, Custom enchants, etc. I am good at screen sharing ( also know how to use ss programs). Other then that I have good conversation skills, am a strong leader, and have all the skills needed to help keep this amazing server moving smooth.

    What is your biggest weakness?
    I dont really have many weakness's. I have a very good bullshit detector but some people think that I over use it and it can make people mad when I accuse them. But in situation like this I don't think that is really a problem. Something else is my ability to build custom or original builds. Most of the time they just turn out to look exactly like something I saw or just bad.

    Why out of all applicants should we pick you?
    Like I said in the other answers my previous staff experience and time running, building and playing with servers and plugins on my own gives me a big advantage over the many randoms that have never actually been a staff member on a server or in real life. I also already know the owners and staff like Claire. My previous relationship with them will help us communicate and get more done for the server. If that doesn't make me better then the people who talk about there fear of spiders then idk what does.

    Can you record? If so how?
    With OBS or windows

    What would you use to screen share to look for hacks?
    Team speak, or maybe Skype if last resort.

    What other information should we know?
    I want to put what happened a few months ago on here behind me. I fell for peer pressure and it ended in all the parties losing. If you could take this app as a fresh start that would be greatly appreciated!

    Do you understand that asking anyone to like, comment or view this staff application will result in an instant denial?

    Thank you for applying and we will go over your application as soon as we can!

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