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    What is your Minecraft name?

    What is your real name?

    What is your real Discord name (NOT DISCORD NICKNAME)?

    How long have you played Minecraft?
    3 years

    How long have you played on AquaRaider?
    2 days

    Approximately how many hours can you contribute per day?
    1 hour

    Have you made a purchase from our store? If so what?
    nope but i plan too to this op server

    What is some background information about your self?
    I love playing minecraft. Also, i have 1 dog that i love very much and i think she loves me back idk for sure. Furthermore, I love school and i am really good at reading and writing. I also love playing basketball at my basketball court. Also, I am a loving and caring person.

    What makes you different than other applicants?
    What makes my application different is that i am a hard worker, im honest, dynamic, and an easy learner. I can give good satisfication to the server because of my hard work. I will have to deal with angry and unsatisfied members and i will have to get use to it. Many server start to crumble if a plan goes wrong but with me that will never happen. We should have a member situation booth that can tell us what they think is wrong and what we should add.

    What is your previous experience as staff?
    I have been staff on my friends server called OreoCraft but it closed cause of all the problems they had.

    What is your primary motivation for applying?
    I really wanna help out the server alot. I wish to make it more op and have more people on the server. I wish to add more ranks, kits, and much more. And i hope i can help this server stay open forever. I am loving this server so far and i hope it gets better! And i can help you if i can become staff.

    What is your biggest strength?
    (Answer here) (5 sentences minimum)

    What is your biggest weakness?
    My biggest weakness is making bases by myself. Also, i have weaknesses in math. So if someone asks me about a math question imma rage xD. I also have a weakness in some of the enchants and what they do so im going to have to learn all of them.

    Why out of all applicants should we pick you?
    I can make the server better than all the others im pretty famous on all kinds of server like, ETC. I love playing this server and i will make it gain more members. Whoever the owner is thanks for making this server and all the people probally thank you too.

    Can you record? If so how?
    Yes, i can record from youtube but i am not that famous so hopefully if i get this job and record hackers i can make my subs go up!!

    What would you use to screen share to look for hacks?
    I can screenshot and send to discord or i can use skype and do a live PvP battle.

    What other information should we know?
    Im just a caring 15 year old trying to make a server the best it can be. Also, I love this server so much i dont know how many times i said this in the application but the free rank is cool and the kit sorry is so op.

    Do you understand that asking anyone to like, comment or view this staff application will result in an instant denial?
    Yes, i understand this will happen i promise to never speak of it because i dont want it to be denied!


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